10 hardest master’s degree programs in the world

hardest master's degrees programs

The hardest master’s degree programs are numerous for aspiring master’s students to explore. However, Competition has taken a leap in every field of study, while opportunities are taking a downward slope as a result of the current boom in population. Also, There is no course that is not important because they are all designed to groom students and help them build a career in their various fields.  The hardest courses also hold the hardest examinations and this could become problematic for students who have not developed a tough skin for such courses. 


Generally, master’s degree programs are not so easy to study. They build on previously learned concepts and skills, which involves a lot of time and effort. You will need to make discoveries in your own way in the form of research and come up with ideas different from the existing ones. Here’s a list of the top ten hardest master’s degree programs in the world;


List of the ten hardest master’s degree programs in the world


1. Engineering

 It is one of the hardest master’s degree programs to study. As an engineer, you must have the capacity to understand a lot of information as quickly as possible. Also, This is because there is so much information to be consumed in the field, no matter your branch of engineering.

Moreover, Most engineering courses require that students take some of their courses in the lab and both class and lab require assignments. However, the pay for engineers is relatively high and when you present your certificate as a master’s degree holder; you are already taking more than you can spend as a salary.


2. Physical Sciences

Physical sciences are a very difficult master’s degree program to study as outcomes are weighed hugely on testing. How well the students do on the tests will determine how much they are contributing to their grades. Some courses under physical sciences include mathematics, chemistry, physics, and astronomy. 


3. Business

When we talk about business, we majorly focus on accounting and finance. Also, this is one of the hardest master’s degree programs in the world. Moreso, These master’s programs are highly mathematics-based and require a lot of calculations.

Consequently, they can be very difficult for those who are not math enthusiasts, especially for those changing from a theory-based course. However, it pays off, in the end, to study these hard business courses as the average salary per year is $79 000.


4. Architecture


Obtaining a master’s degree in architecture is not such an easy task. One of the hardest master’s degree programs in the world. Also, there is a lot of testing to be done and many of them overlap one another. Drawings are also not a question of choice, but compulsion.

However, You will need critical thinking and problem-solving skills, in addition to beating hard deadlines most of the time. Furthermore, One of the mantras of the students of architecture is “You can always do better” and it has always been working well for them. 


5. Economics

Economics is another master’s degree program that requires strong mathematical skills and the ability to adapt to new things easily. One of the hardest master’s degree programs in the world. Also, the economic world is changing rapidly.

Therefore, students in this field must learn how this affects national, organizational, and individual growth. Also, offer the best advice to help cushion the effect of any harsh condition like inflation or recession.


6. Cellular and Molecular Biology

The students who wish to do well in this field need strong skills like critical thinking. Also, the ability to visualize concepts without seeing them with naked eyes. It is one of the hardest master’s degree programs in the world.

Moreover, They would also need to understand how different parts of a system work together because it can be leveraged to build a successful career. 


7. Nursing

Nursing is one of the fields that have great prospects, though very difficult to study. Also, one of the hardest master’s degree programs in the world.  Upon receiving licensure, it is as good as master’s degree holders in this field have made it in life.

Although, advanced programs in nursing will allow students to specialize in any field of their choice like midwifery, nurse practitioner, nurse anesthetist, and others. Also, Nurses have more in-person contact with their patients and so, need communication, critical thinking, problem-solving and analytical skills.

Furthermore, With these skills, they would be able to interact with their patients and families and help to solve both the medical and psychological effects of their ailments. The average salary is $111 840 per annum.


8. Medicine

Medicine is not just a hard course but requires a very long time to graduate from. Also, one of the hardest master’s degree programs in the world.

Moreover, the entire process is spent learning rather than memorizing textbooks, definitions, and terms. Whatever you learn as a medical student is of immense value to you because they would all help you to understand the intricacies of the medical field.


9. Pharmacy

Though medicine and pharmacy tend to walk on the same path, both are quite different. Also, one of the hardest master’s degree programs in the world. Moreover, they could be seen as the same side of a coin. Pharmacy, like medicine, requires a lot of structure and hard work. Besides that,  You have to understand that you must deal with chemistry and biology as a whole and it can be quite tasking and draining.


10. Quantum Mechanics

With the aid of quantum mechanics, a black hole by name, Telescopium constellations, was discovered in the constellation. It’s also one of the hardest master’s degree programs in the world. Also, Quantum mechanics deals with different forces of nature.

Moreover, It ushered in an insight into the elements and physical nature of objects in the world. However, Humans have been able to explore the intrinsic particles that can only be seen with the aid of microscopy.


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