October 3, 2023

Best 20 Companies for Visa Sponsorship in the UK

Unlike Canada, finding the best companies for visa sponsorship in the UK is quite challenging. The reason is that only a few UK-based companies and employers are willing to sponsor the visa applications of foreign workers. Let’s now explore the companies offering visa sponsorship in the United Kingdom.

Best 20 Companies for Visa Sponsorship in the UK

The following are the top UK visa sponsorship companies to consider:

1. Google

Tech Giants like Google can provide a sponsorship letter for visa applications from a company. Its UK offices have thousands of employees, including those of foreign nationalities. Whether you seek engineering & technology, business strategy, marketing, legal, policy, finance, or a sales job, Google can sponsor your visa, provided you qualify for a role.

To qualify for a job role in any of Google’s UK offices, you must hold a Bachelor’s degree or have equivalent practical experience.

2. Microsoft UK

With a Bachelor’s degree and some proven experience, you can apply to Microsoft, as it’s one of the best companies for visa sponsorship in the UK. Microsoft has job openings in product management, tax, software engineering, technology specialist, solution architecture, and many other disciplines.

3. Amazon

You can get your work visa sponsored by Amazon, provided you are eligible for a skilled job role in its office in London, Cambridge, Manchester, Peterborough, or Warrington. That makes Amazon one of the UK Tier 2 visa sponsorship companies.

You will enjoy good work/life balance and career growth as an Amazon staff member.

4. HSBC Holdings PLC

As HSBC aims to increase its UK presence consistently, it is willing to sponsor visas for foreign workers from all countries. Aside from that, you’ll receive competitive pay, private healthcare, a contributory pension scheme, and other perks.

HSBC has job openings across several fields, including technology, audit, finance, risk management, human resources, legal, and compliance.

5. Goldman Sachs

There are various reasons to apply for a job role at Goldman Sachs. The company is reputable for being among the UK visa sponsorship companies. Working at Goldman Sachs also offer exclusive benefits, from reasonable salaries and wellness programs to comprehensive healthcare.

However, you should expect to work long hours, even though all job roles are highly paid.

6. JPMorgan Chase & Co.

Since JPMorgan Chase & Co. operates as a multinational company, its offices in the UK can sponsor your visa. The company often needs new talent for various job openings, and wouldn’t mind hiring workers from outside the UK.

Be aware that relevant work experience is required to qualify for most jobs at JPMorgan Chase & Co.

7. Clifford Chance

Clifford Chance is unarguably one of the best companies for visa sponsorship in the UK. Even though the company is a law firm, you’ll find a range of career opportunities available in whatever your discipline is.

As Clifford Chance is among the world’s largest law firms, having it sponsor your visa application would guarantee success.

8. GSK Plc

You may also consider applying to GSK Plc, as it’s always on the lookout for experienced professionals to join its talented teams. The company has job vacancies in diverse fields, including business operations, engineering, marketing & sales, manufacturing & supply, technology, and research & development.

You need not to worry about whether the company will discriminate on any protected characteristics, as GSK is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

9. McKinsey & Company

McKinsey is also among the list of UK visa sponsorship companies. Its management would be willing to sponsor your visa, regardless of your nationality or race.

The company is recommendable if you want to work as a consultant in the United Kingdom. When hired, you’ll start work as a generalist or join one of its teams: Communications, finance, legal, or technology & digital team.

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10. PwC UK

PricewaterhouseCoopers is a world-leading professional services provider. The company is one of the best companies for visa sponsorship in the UK, hiring foreign workers in actuarial, legal, audit, tax, consulting, technology, and other fields.

11. Rolls-Royce Plc

With a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in a relevant subject, you can apply for entry-level roles at Rolls-Royce and get visa sponsorship. Rolls-Royce offers a competitive salary that best fits your level of experience and your job position.

Its major offices are in Derby, Birmingham, and Bristol. There are plenty of opportunities available, such as submarines engineering and project management.

12. Ernst & Young (EY)

EY has offices in 21 locations across the United Kingdom. There are several teams you can join at EY. Available job opportunities are in assurance, tax, consulting, strategy & transactions, core business services, financial services, and people advisory services.

Getting a sponsorship letter for visa application from the company is stress-free.

13. Deloitte

Whether your discipline is consulting, technology, legal services, tax, or any other professional service, Deloitte has job openings throughout the year. Working at Deloitte has astounding benefits, and you’ll get visa sponsorship while applying for an early or professional career opportunity.

14. Barclays

If you’re looking for a technology or finance role, Barclays branches across the UK have top-notch facilities for work and leisure. Its locations include Glasgow, Manchester, Knutsford, Northampton, and London.

There are also vast opportunities for you to thrive, as a staff member of the bank.

15. Accenture

We also recommend Accenture as one of the best companies for visa sponsorship in the UK. The company can sponsor your UK visa application for a software engineering, security, sales enablement, consulting, Information Technology operations, or HR role.

To work for Accenture, you must be willing to live in the UK and visit clients in their locations nationwide.

16. Aldi

Aldi is a multinational supermarket chain with more than 10,000 stores in several countries, including the UK. You can apply to Aldi for a store manager, store assistant, stock assistant, or a store cleaner role.

Besides, you can submit your job application at the comfort of your home.

17. Unilever

Starting your career in Unilever is a well-thought-out decision, with lots of financial benefits and other perks to gain. Moreover, its working environment is supportive and all-inclusive, allowing you to develop professionally.

Since Unilever hires foreign workers across all disciplines, be rest assured that you’ll find a job opening, no matter your subject area.

18. Al-Raza Foundation

Al-Raza Foundation is an NGO aimed to promote the lifestyle of people living in Greater Manchester, especially Shi’ite Muslims. It raises funds from the public.

If you’re interested in working or volunteering for a charity organization in the UK, you need a Charity Worker visa. Applying for a role at Al-Raza Foundation is a better option, as it’s one of the UK charity work visa sponsorship companies.

19. Lidl GB

You can apply for a job role in any of the stores, warehouses, or head office of Lidl GB. Lidl is a grocery store renowned for offering high-quality products at affordable prices. It is a good place to start your career, and you can expect an hourly wage ranging from £11 to £13.

20. National Health Service (NHS)

The UK National Health Service was established by the NHS Act of 1946. You can apply for its openings from overseas and get visa sponsorship to enter the United Kingdom. It follows the code of practice to hire healthcare specialists from outside the UK.


Visa sponsorships are typically inevitable if you want to enter the United Kingdom for temporary or permanent employment purposes. So get started now and apply online to any of these companies, ensuring that you satisfy all requirements.

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