October 2, 2023

How Long Does A UK Visa Take?

If you’re applying for a visa to the United Kingdom, you might wonder about the processing time. The consular officer will never tell you when they will decide on your visa application. So now, the question is, how long does a UK visa take?

The processing time for UK visas currently takes 3 to 24 weeks, depending on the visa category and the total applications received.

United Kingdom visas for visits, study, and work are the fastest to get, as their processing takes at most three weeks.

But if you’re applying for a UK family visa, you may have to wait up to 24 weeks. Note that this applies only if you’re applying as a spouse/partner, parent, child, or an adult coming to be cared for by a relative. The Ukraine Family Scheme visa and visas under the Ukraine Sponsorship Scheme (Homes for Ukraine) have faster processing times. You can get them as quickly as possible.

On the other hand, the British National (Overseas) visa requires a wait of 12 weeks for its processing.

Why Is My UK Visa Delaying?

Your UK visa processing could take longer if;

  • one or multiple information in your visa application is inaccurate or needs more consideration
  • the UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI) received an influx of applications
  • you are invited for an interview
  • your supporting documents require further verification
  • you are requested to provide additional documentation, such as proof of funds
  • more information is needed about you, like if you’re an ex-convict
  • If UKVI needs more information or supporting documents for your visa application, you’ll receive an email or letter.

Can I Get a UK Visa in 15 Days?

Yes, you can obtain a visa to visit the United Kingdom in less than 15 days, provided you opted for a priority service. In fact, UKVI will process and issue your visa within five days.

Note that expedite visa processing costs £500 higher than the normal application fee.

How Will You Know If Your UK Visa Is Approved?

When you apply for a visa to the United Kingdom, UKVI will notify you regarding its decision. You’ll receive an SMS, letter, or email, informing you whether your visa application was granted or declined.

How Many Months Does It Take To Process a UK Visa From Nigeria?

United Kingdom visa applications from Nigeria typically take up to 30 days, whether you’re traveling for tourism, studies, business, or work. However, you should apply three months before your trip, just in case of unforeseen circumstances.

What are the Reasons for UK Visa Rejection?

The major reasons why a UK visa application can be rejected are as follows:

  • Purpose of visit doesn’t seem true or authentic
  • Submission of fake or expired documents
  • Digital documents uploaded in the wrong format
  • Required proof not provided, such as your recent bank statements
  • Providing wrong information in the visa application form
  • Applying for the wrong type of visa

How Can I Get a UK Visa Faster?

To get a UK visa within five days, select Priority Service while filling out your Visa application. That will instantly place your application in front of the consular officer’s desk, but comes at a cost.

You’ll have to pay an additional £500, regardless of the type of visa you want to get.

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