October 3, 2023

Finland Temporary Residence Permit – Requirements and Validity

If a Finland Temporary Residence Permit were easy to get, then everyone who went to Finland for a short stay would never leave. This is because Finland is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. Besides, unless you’re from a Schengen country or Europe, you can’t possibly get a better country than Finland.

People who find it challenging to obtain a Finland Temporary Residence Permit do so because of avoidable mistakes. It’s possible they’re not aware of the requirements for this type of permit. On the other hand, it could also be that they do not know the right time to apply for a Temporary Residence in Finland.

Here, we will look at the right way to apply for a Finland Temporary Residence Permit to guarantee you an expected result. We will also look at the documents provided and how long a Temporary Residence Permit will last before renewal.

What is a Finland Temporary Residence Permit?

A Finland Temporary Residence Permit is a certificate that a foreigner obtains if he wants to live and work in Finland for more than 90 days. A person can stay in Finland for a maximum of 90 days without a Residence Permit, but if he intends to stay longer, he must get a Temporary Residence Permit.

Types of Temporary Residence Permits

A Temporary Residence Permit is called a Fixed-Term or Continuous Residence Permit. It is also called the First Permit because it is the first type of permit you get when you reside in Finland. There are two types of Temporary Residence Permits for Finland

1. Temporary B Permit. This type of Temporary Permit is valid for one year and needs to be renewed every year.

2. Continuous A Permit. This permit is valid for up to four years and is renewable every four years.

Going further, Temporary Residence Permits are either of the B or A class and are given for specific reasons. They are

a. Residence Permit for Work. You must have a current job offer to be eligible for this type of permit. Usually, this permit is for one year, but sometimes you can use it for the duration of your work.

Take note:

  • Firstly, if your Residence Permit for Work is tied to one employer, you cannot use it when you change your field of work. If you want to change your field of work, you must apply for a new residence permit.
  • Secondly, if your employment ends, your residence permit expires. As a result, you must leave Finland immediately. However, you may remain in Finland if you have applied for a residence permit for another reason before your work permit expires.
  • Thirdly, your Residence Permit for Work depends on the kind of work you do. Every work has a residence permit. If you cannot find a residence permit for your work, apply for a Residence Permit for an Employed Person.

b. Residence Permit for Study. A Residence Permit for Study is valid for two years or less, depending on the duration of your study program. If you get a job and decide to remain in Finland after your studies, you can apply for a work permit.

Under the following conditions, you may be granted a Residence Permit for Studies:

  • If you have gained admission into an educational institution in Finland, this will lead you to obtain a degree or acquire a skill.
  • If you are taking part in an exchange program between schools.

You will not be given a residence permit for Studies on the following conditions:

  • If you’re studying online or on a distance learning
  • If you are looking at an open university

c. Residence Permit because of Family Relationships. This is for people who have family members living in Finland. In this case, a family member can be a spouse, child, registered or cohabiting partner, or a guardian of a minor. Usually, this type of permit is valid for at most four years. However, your residence permit depends on the following:

  • The relationship you have with the sponsor (is they, your spouse, or child?)
  • The residence status of your sponsor (Is he or she a Finnish citizen, do they have a Finland residence permit, or is your sponsor here on asylum?)

Bear in mind that if your relationship changes during the application process, you must inform the Finnish Immigration Service. Such changes can be

  • The birth of a child
  • A change in the custody of a child
  • Marriage or divorce
  • The death of a family member

d. Residence Permit for Other Reasons. If you are not coming to Finland to work, study, or stay with a family member, you will need a Residence Permit for Other Reasons. Other reasons can be

  • A serious relationship with a Finnish citizen or resident will most likely lead to marriage
  • Being a victim of human trafficking

Please take note that if you are coming to Finland for Other Reasons,

  • Your spouse and children can apply for a Residence Permit on the basis of a Family Relationship.
  • Your right to work will be limited. It is not all types of work that you can do.

Requirements for a Finland Temporary Residence Permit

Each type of Temporary Residence Permit has its specific requirements. The following are some of the requirements:

a. A Valid Passport that is not more than ten years old and is not about to expire soon.

b. A recent Picture of you. This must not be older than six months.

c. A Copy of Your Passport Bio Page.

d. A Copy of your Spouse’s Bio Page. It would help if you had this in case of an application for Temporary Residence on the Basis of a Family Relationship.

e. Form K1 Plus. This is needed in a situation the same as (d) above. Your spouse must add to your application by filling out this form.

f. Civil Certificates. These are birth or marriage certificates, adoption or foster papers, or divorce licenses.

g. Proof of Residence. You must prove that you are a legal occupant of your current residence.

h. Proof of Financial Ability. It would help if you verified that you would be able to support yourself during your stay in Finland.

i. Proof of Admission. If you are coming to Finland for the purpose of study, you must first secure admission into a higher institution.

j. Proof of Paid Tuition Fee. If you haven’t yet paid your tuition fee, you must prove that you can afford the fees. You must submit proof of your scholarship if you are on a scholarship.

How To Apply For A Finland Temporary Residence Permit

Step 1. Fill out the Application Form

You have two choices – to apply online or make a paper application. If you decide to apply online, you must create an account and apply for the type of Temporary Residence Permit that is right for your situation.

Additionally, if you want a paper application, you must find a local Finnish Mission, either an embassy or a consulate.

Step 2. Gather your documents

Depending on the Temporary Residence Permit you seek, your documents include passports, birth certificates, marriage certificates, health insurance, adoption papers, etc.

Also, these documents must be in Finnish, English, or Swedish. It would help if you got an official translator to do that.

Step 3. Visit a Local Finnish Mission for Submission

Whether you applied online or on paper, you must present yourself at a Finnish embassy or Consulate to submit your documents and biometrics.

At this point, too, you should pay the application fee and prepare for an interview if the visa officer requests so.

Step 4. Wait for your application to be processed

This can take two to nine months, so please be patient. Once a decision is reached, you will be contacted. Good luck!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Application Fee for a Finland Temporary Residence Permit?

The Application Fees are as follows:

  • Electronic Application Fee – 350 €
  • Paper Application Fee – 450 €

What can you do with a Temporary Residence Permit based on a Family Relationship?

This temporary residence permit allows you to work and study in Finland without restrictions. However, if you obtain your temporary residence permit based on any other reason, you may not be able to do certain types of work.

What Types of Questions will the Visa Officer ask me during the application interview?

The visa officer may ask questions about your reason for wanting a residence permit. In addition, he may want to know if you have family members in Finland, what you intend to do when you get to the country, and how long you plan to live in Finland.

Can I change my residence permit application for work if I marry before I get my permit?

You can change your application if the decision has not been made. Therefore, you must pay new application fees, and your application will not be fast-tracked. It will be placed last in the queue. You must also withdraw your former application. It is more advisable to move to Finland with your residence permit for work and later apply for an extension based on marriage.

Can my sponsor apply for a temporary residence permit on my behalf?

No, you must apply for a temporary residence permit by yourself. Your sponsor has a role to play, but you must go through the application process.


In creating different types of Temporary Residence Permits, the government of Finland has considered all possible scenarios. Now, you have to find the correct Residence Permit for you. Finland is waiting. Are you ready?

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