October 2, 2023

Immigrate to Canada from Sri Lanka – Requirements, Costs, Application

The new immigration pathways introduced by the Canadian government favor Sri Lankans who have been trying to immigrate To Canada From Sri Lanka. These new pathways, which focus more on skilled workers from this South Asian country, allow Sri Lankan citizens to move to Canada without so much stress.

This does not mean you don’t have to undergo the normal process. No, it means that all Sri Lankans who meet the requirements for these pathways can easily move into the best country in North America.

In addition to these new pathways, other pathways offer easy access for Sri Lankans to Canada. So, Sri Lankans going to Canada for the first time must make reasonable inquiries to know the best immigration program suitable for them.

This article will help you understand everything about Canadian immigration that other bloggers won’t tell. And surely, this information will save you a lot of money and time.

So, you will learn about the best immigration programs for Sri Lankans, the processing time and fee for each program, the best steps to immigrate to Canada, and the document checklist for you as a first-time immigrant to Canada. Follow us!

Canada vs. Sri Lanka

Undoubtedly, the world is still recovering from the global crisis caused mainly by COVID-19. Yet, despite that, the Canadian economy continues to grow. This is why my Sri Lankan nationals prefer Canada to any other country. Now, let’s try and compare Canada and Sri Lanka and what makes the two countries different.

Canadian government vs. Sri Lankan government

The government policy in Canada is one of the things that set it apart from other countries. In a time like this, while many countries find it hard to create jobs, the Canadian government has created enough jobs to sustain the Canadian economy.

This is contrary to Sri Lanka, with a greater unemployment rate. In other words, because of the inability of the Sri Lankan government to create enough jobs for the citizen, many Sri Lankans prefer to move to Canada, where there are more excellent job opportunities.

Canadian Cities vs. Sri Lankan Cities

Clearly, life in Canadian cities is better than life in the major cities in Sri Lanka. In Canadian cities like Toronto, Vancouver, Saskatoon, Edmonton, etc., you don’t just have more job opportunities.

You also have better facilities, and life is more affordable than in Sri Lankan cities like Colombo, Sri Jayawardenepura Kotte, Dehiwala-Mount Lavinia, and Moratuwa. Use the table below to check the cost of living in the province of your choice.

Canadian Universities vs. Sri Lankan Universities

Education in Canada is better than education in Sri Lanka, and this is due to the quality of Canadian universities, which consistently rank among the best universities in the world. On the contrary, Sri Lankan universities do not rank among the best.

Many Sri Lankan students immigrate to Canada from Sri Lanka to study. For instance, the best university in Sri Lanka, the University of Colombo, is ranked in no 2041 worldwide. On the other hand, more than 5 Canadian universities rank among the best 100 universities in the world.

The Welfare of Sri Lankans in Canada

One thing is sure for Sri Lankans who live in Canada; they have protection from the Sri Lankan embassy in Canada. The embassy makes sure that Sri Lankans receive consular protection while in Canada.

So, if you immigrate to Canada from Sri Lanka, you will be protected by Canadian law. This is because of the diplomatic relationship between Canada and Sri Lanka. Among the services provided by the embassy include consular services like

  • Protecting the Rights of Sri Lankans in Canada
  • Assisting Sri Lankans in times of emergency
  • Assisting Sri Lankans who have passport issues
  • Notarization and legalization of documents

The Sri Lankan embassy in Canada is located at 333 Laurier Avenue West, Suite 1204, Ottawa, ON K1P 1C1. Canada. So, if you need their services, you can visit the embassy in person or contact it via email or telephone.

How to Apply from Sri Lanka for a visa to Canada

An entry permit for Canada is a stamp on your identity, known as a Canada visa. You have permission to visit the country and choose to stay there either temporarily or permanently.

Obtaining a visa to enter Canada signifies that the Canadian Consulate or Embassy in your country of origin determines that you are eligible and meet the requirements for entry. However, it is up to the officers working the queue to determine your suitability for entry at the Canadian border and customs.

Best Immigration Pathways to Immigrate to Canada from Sri Lanka

Knowing the greater need for Sri Lankans, who want to immigrate to Canada from Sri Lanka, the Canadian government has made it easy for Sri Lankans to move to Canada using these simple pathways.

However, the program you will use depends on your situation and the factors affecting your immigration to Canada. See the best pathway for you:

1. Temporary Foreign Worker Program;

This may not be the best immigration pathway for experts, but on the contrary, this is one of the best programs for Sri Lankans who want to work in Canada. Through this program, Sri Lankans who have not been to Canada before can get a temporary work permit to work in Canada.

This work permit allows Sri Lankans to move to Canada as workers. However, you must already have a valid job offer from a Canadian employer with a positive Labour Market Impact Assessment. The LMIA is the document that allows your employer to employ foreign workers to work in any position that a Canadian can not occupy.

Steps to immigrate to Canada from Sri Lanka using the TFWP

The steps below will guide you if you want to move to Canada using this program;

  1. Find a Canadian employer
  2. Get a valid job offer
  3. Your employer should get a positive LMIA
  4. Gather your supporting document
  5. Apply for a work permit
  6. Go for a visa interview
  7. Get your visa
  8. Move to Canada

Processing time and fees for TFWP

Sri Lankans pursuing a temporary work permit must know it can take up to 17 weeks to process. However, it can take lesser time if your documents are complete when you submit your application. It also depends on your employer to convince the authorities about the importance of the job. A temporary work permit allows you to work in Canada for only six months, after which you can apply for a renewal.

For your work permit, you will pay an initial processing fee of CAD155 (41,419 Rupee). In addition, if the officer demands biometrics, you will pay an extra CAD 85 (22,713 Rupee) for biometrics. Then, you will pay your employer a compliance fee of CAD 230 (61,460 Rupee).

2. Express entry;

This online system allows Sri Lankans to immigrate to Canada as skilled workers; This program has three programs, including the Federal Skilled Worker Program. Federal Skilled Trades Program and Canada Experience Class.

Whichever program you use depends on your score in the CRS. Some factors considered in the CRS include age, language proficiency, work experience, and spouse or partner.

The best candidates are selected through a regular draw every two weeks. If you qualify in this draw, you will receive an invitation to apply for permanent residence in Canada. Canada has a plan to get more than 400,000 immigrants every year. See the table below:

Steps to immigrate to Canada using the express entry

  1. Create an express entry profile
  2. Identify a program
  3. Gather your documents
  4. Register for a program
  5. Get an invitation to apply
  6. Apply for permanent residence
  7. Submit your supporting documents
  8. Get a reply from IRCC
  9. Prepare to move to Canada

Processing time and feel for express entry

The processing time for express entry differs for each program, so the time depends on the program you choose. But one thing is certain. You will expect to use at least six months to process any program you apply under. The processing fee for the program is 850 CAD(227,136 Rupee). In addition, you will also pay a right of permanent residence fee of 500 CAD(133,609).

3. Provincial Nominee Program (PNP);

Another pathway that is specific to Sri Lankans is the provincial nominee program. This is a program organized by each provincial government in Canada to suit the financial needs of the province.

Therefore, Sri Lankans who want to work in a particular province can apply for the provincial program they qualify for. All the provinces in Canada have nominee programs. Check your eligibility for the various PNP using our free PNP calculator,

Steps to immigrate to Canada using PNP

  1. Find out the program you like
  2. Create an express entry profile
  3. Gather your documents
  4. Apply for the PNP
  5. Wait for reply
  6. If you get a reply, apply for permanent residence through express entry
  7. Get your permanent residence permit
  8. Move to Canada

Processing time and fee for PNP

The processing time for PNP varies according to each program. It, however, takes about 12 months to process. Similarly, the fees are not fixed, so you can contact the provincial authorities to know the fees if you want to immigrate to Canada from Sri Lanka using the PNP.

4. Student Permit;

If you want to study in Canada from Sri Lanka, the only way is to apply for a student visa. With a student visa, you can study in any designated learning institution in Canada. The processing time for a student visa for Sri Lankans is between 3 to 6 months. You will have to pay a processing fee of 41,419 Rupees with a biometric fee of 22,713 Rupees if you provide your biometric.

Steps to immigrate to Canada from Sri Lanka using a student visa

  1. Get an admission letter from a Canadian university
  2. Gather your documents
  3. Apply for a Canadian study visa
  4. Go for a visa interview
  5. Get your study visa
  6. Move to Canada

In addition to these four best pathways, you can immigrate to Canada from Sri Lanka using other programs like:

Document Checklists to Immigrate to Canada from Sri Lanka

The documents you need to immigrate to Canada from Sri Lanka depend on your chosen program; however, you need general documents whenever you want to go to Canada.

You must consider the documents below as crucial for moving to Canada, and they include:

  • Medical Examination Confirmation.
  • Police Certificates (PCs)
  • Copy of Passport
  • Proof of Work Experience
  • Proof of Funds
  • Copy of the Birth Certificate
  • Letter of acceptance
  • Provincial or Territorial Certificate of Qualification
  • Letter of Offer from the Employer
  • Use of a Representative Form [IMM 5476]
  • Evidence of a Common-Law Union and Cohabitation
  • Marriage Certificate
  • Divorce Certificate and the Legal Separation Agreement

Immigrate to Canada from Venezuela

Consider – Sri Lanka Investor Visa.


What is the best city for Sri Lankans in Canada?

Sri Lankans in Canada prefer to live in major cities like Vancouver, Toronto, and Regina. The reason is that there are more opportunities in these cities than in most cities in Canada. So, you can join other Sri Lankan citizens in these major cities in Canada.

What is the best job for Sri Lankans in Canada?

As a Sri Lankan in Canada, many jobs are available for you. You can choose from any of these available jobs. However, the following jobs are some of the jobs that Sri Lankans prefer to do in Canada:

  • Administrative assistant
  • Customer service representative
  • Sales associate
  • Driver
  • Registered nurse
  • General laborer
  • Merchandiser
  • Accountant

Use the table below to know the NOC code of your occupation in Canada

Is the Canadian weather good for Sri Lankans?

Sri Lankans in Canada can adapt to the Canadian weather. The fact that it rains and snows in Sri Lanka for about two months yearly helps Sri Lankan citizens adapt quickly to the Canadian weather.

What is the first thing to do once I immigrate to Canada from Sri Lanka?

Once you immigrate to Canada from Sri Lanka, you must first meet the immigration officer at the port of entry. The officer will ask you a few questions and confirm your permanent residence status in Canada.

How much can I earn in Canada as a Sri Lankan?

Sri Lankans in Canada can earn as much as 13,360,967 yearly. However, this depends on your job type and how good you are at the job. Some earn more than this, while others earn less than this amount.


Sri Lankans who want to immigrate to Canada have various immigration choices. Depending on the reason for your travel, you may apply for a visitor visa, a work permit, or a student permit for a brief stay.

You can apply for the Provincial Nominee Program, the Federal Skilled Worker Program, or the Federal Skilled Trades Program if you want to live permanently in Canada.

In addition, you can learn more about the fees for the different pathways for Sri Lankans who want to immigrate to Canada.


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