October 2, 2023

How To Pass US Visa Interview In The Philippines

Have you booked an appointment at the United States embassy in Manila? Check out how to pass your US visa interview in the Philippines, as it can be tricky. We’ll highlight six (6) tips to increase your chances of a successful visa application.

1. Gather your application supporting documents

As you’re preparing for your visa interview, make sure you hold copies of all documents required by the consular officer.

Here’s a list of the documents required for any visa for the United States:

  • Form DS-160 confirmation page (generated after completing your nonimmigrant visa application.)
  • A passport or travel document valid for your intended stay in the US and for at least six months from the application date
  • A digital photo of you to upload while filling out the online form DS-160
  • Receipt for your visa application fee (Required if you are required to pay before your interview.)
  • A round-trip flight ticket to the USA

2. Get acquainted with the type of questions asked

Another tip for passing your US visa interview in the Philippines is to understand how to answer the questions asked at the embassy or consulate. You’ll have to be confident and truthful, no matter what you’re told to tell.

Below are some questions to expect:

  • Why do you want to visit the US?
  • How much do you make annually?
  • What job do you do?
  • How much do you think your trip will cost? Do you have any financial means to show me?
  • Will you return to your home country?
  • Who will keep an eye on your home when you depart?
  • Is there a place for you to stay in the USA, and where?
  • How can you prove that you will return to your home country?
  • Do you have an invitation letter? If yes, show me.
  • How long do you intend to stay in the United States? Can you reduce your stay duration?

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3. Posh your English skills

Even though Filipino is one of the Philippines’ official languages, your visa interview will be in English. Therefore, we advise you to improve in the language and take a recognized English proficiency test such as IELTS or TOEFL.

Also, don’t try to force an accent while speaking with the consular officer.

4. Dress nicely

While there is no dress code for visa interviews, don’t just wear any clothing item you like. Instead, dress up formally in well-ironed outfits and polished footwear.

5. Keep a smiling face

Wearing a good smile proves to the consular officer that you’re confident, unlike looking serious.

6. Maintain eye contact with the consular officer

You can win the consular officer’s trust by keeping an eye contact during your interview session. Doing this also improves understanding.

Most importantly, arrive early at the embassy, as consular officers attend to visa applicants on a first-come, first-served basis. You also do not need to take anyone along with you to the embassy.

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