October 1, 2023

Why Do You Want To Study In USA? Visa Question / Answer

After applying for an F-1 Visa to study in the United States, you should prepare for your visa interview. Ensure you wear the right clothes and are acquainted with the common questions asked by US visa officers. In light of this, we’ll explore “why do you want to study in the USA?” so you can know each visa question to expect and the most appropriate answer.

Even though the questions are unpredictable, here are ten frequently asked F-1 Visa interview questions and how to answer them.

1. Why study in the USA?

Answer this question by telling the visa officer that you love to study in the United States due to the quality education offered by its institutions. Explain that it would help you contribute to your country.

2. Do you have a family member in the US?

The visa officer would want to know whether your spouse, sibling, or parent(s) lives in the United States. Be aware your relative must be staying legally in the US.

3. What is your plan after graduation? Prove to me that you’ll return to your country.

Be sincere with your response to this question. Discuss whether you intend to work after completing your program/course or would rather return to your country.

You can submit a photocopy of your round-trip flight ticket to the US as evidence.

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4. Were you awarded any scholarship? What qualified you for the scholarship?

If you received any scholarship, you should talk about why you were granted the scholarship and how many you received. You’ll also have to provide a copy of the Statement of Purpose submitted for the scholarship.

5. Will you return home during your holidays?

When asked this question, the visa officer wants to evaluate your ties with your family and home country. Therefore, you should answer by saying that you plan to reunite with your family during your holidays and vacations.

6. Why did you choose this university?

Another question often asked during F-1 Visa interviews is why you applied to a specific college or university. You can say you love the institution for its global ranking, multicultural campus, quality education, and research facilities.

7. Who is sponsoring your education?

You can answer this question by talking about who is paying for your educational and living expenses. If you have a scholarship, don’t hesitate to describe them as your sponsors.

8. Why don’t you study in your country?

It is best to tell the visa officer what made you choose a US-based higher educational institution over a school in your country. You can say you want to get a better education in the United States.

9. Where did you earn your Bachelor’s degree?

Impress the visa officer by mentioning the university you attended for your Bachelor’s degree education and subject area.

10. What are your parent’s occupation?

The United States visa officer might also want to know your sponsor’s financial ability. You’ll have to be specific about where your father/mother works, their office location, and their job role.

In addition, the visa officer might also ask about your previous education, siblings, or current job.

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