Best Medical Schools in Canada 2021 | Canada Vs United States Compared

7 Best Medical Schools in Canada – Here is an updated list of the 7 Best Medical Schools in Canada and students looking to apply can choose from them.

Canada has one of the best medical education globally, offered by universities included in the top 7 best medical schools in the world by Times Higher Education and QS World University Ranking for Medicine.

Due to its affordable tuition and world-class medical education system, it is not surprising that many medical students aspire to pursue their studies in Canada.

But a word of caution, getting into medical universities in Canada is slim and highly competitive. In this article, we will be looking at the best medical schools in Canada.

Medical Schools in Canada Vs United States – Differences Between the Two Countries

There are many different reasons why you may wish to go to medical schools in Canada. Perhaps you are a Canadian that wants to be educated at home to serve your community and country. Maybe you are a non-Canadians attracted to the excellent medical education system in Canada so here are some examples of top medical colleges in Canada…

medical schools in canada

Medicine is a very popular career for both Canada and the United States. In Canada, approximately eight hundred and sixty thousand people are employed in medical-related fields, according to the latest data available. The United States has a much higher number at around eleven hundred thousand.

With Canada ranking at the top of the heap in regards to the number of medical schools in Canada, other factors rank Canada above the United States.

#1. One is the level of investment required to conduct training at medical schools in Canada. Canada’s ten provinces each have their own government health departments with over one hundred and forty medical colleges, teaching hospitals, and specialty colleges to provide the training for their graduates. This level of investment by the provinces of Canada enables them to compete with the best in the world.

#2. Another factor that ranks Canada high in terms of medical schools and colleges is its willingness to accept students from all over the world. Canada accepts more international students than does the United States.

This is because the majority of their population is immigrants from other countries. Many of these immigrants end up settling permanently in Canada making it one of the most multicultural nations in the world.

There are many different languages spoken in Canada. Therefore, an individual who seeks a career in Canada will find it easy to pursue his studies because numerous foreign students speak fluent English as their first language.

3. The third factor that sets medical schools in Canada apart from the other options available to medical students is the level of care that they provide to their patients. Canada uses modern medicine and surgery to save the lives of its patients.

As a result, there is an overwhelming number of physicians who participate in ongoing research involving medicine and surgery. These are known as community researchers which are faculty members at medical schools in Canada.

As you continue to read this article you will see that the third factor that distinguishes medical schools in Canada from those in the United States is in the level of service that they provide to their community partners and their students.

Canadian physicians want to give their patients the best possible medical care. In addition, they have strong incentives to engage their community in medical research and public health initiatives.

Therefore, a medical school will be committed to providing you with personalized service while preparing you for your career so that you develop a strong commitment to your community and to serving its citizens.

Medical Schools Ranking Continues – Canada Vs the U.S

#4. The fourth factor that sets Canada apart from the United States is the level of clinical and educational expertise that can only be obtained by medical residency training in Canada. The majority of residents in the United States begin their residencies in hospitals or community clinics where they receive limited clinical training.

On the other hand, medical residents in Canada are prepared for their permanent positions in doctors’ offices, hospital wings, and other medical facilities where they will be trained to diagnose, treat, and prevent all kinds of diseases.

Residency programs are set up to give residents the clinical experience that they need to compete for good positions in good institutions. To participate in one of these programs in Canada you must complete a resident application service (RAS).

#5. The fifth and final difference between the two countries lies in the types of resident programs that are available. Residents in the United States have the option to select from a large number of universities, colleges, and specialty programs. However, residents of Canada have a limited choice when it comes to universities.

They are limited to two university options-the universities located in their region and the university that is accredited by the Canadian accreditation agency known as the CRD.

For students looking to pursue their doctorate at one of the many medical schools in Canada, this problem is not an issue, since there is just one medical university in Toronto to choose from.


Best Medical Schools in Canada Updated Ranking List

1. University of Toronto


2. McGill University


3. McMaster University


4. University of Montréal


5. University of Calgary


6. Queen’s University


7. Dalhousie University


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