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Best Online Games For Students 2021 – Download all the 2021 best online games for students here directly to your PC and enjoy the best experience ever.

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Here are 2021 online games free download for students;

Best 2021 Games For Students Free Downloads

1. Words With Friends(WWF)

I have been playing this game for a long time and trust me, from an insider perspective, this game is the bomb.

Words with friends is an online game where you connect with friends all over the globe and what you do is around letters to form words and you win points.

Every game tells a different story and challenge and aside from the fun of it, this game will increase your knowledge of words, your vocabulary of words, spelling, pronunciation, etc.

To download this game ”CLICK HERE

2. Best Friends Stars

This is another exciting game you could play but unlike Words with Friends here you do not require to challenge a partner to play but instead you team up with one o collect treasures.

How to Play:

Basically what you do here is to match similar explosive shapes and blast your way through the game to win.

You could also try this one out by ”DOWNLOAD HERE”

3. Fortnite


This is a very popular game that continues to draw in millions of players and viewers on daily basis because of how fun this game is. This battle royale game is a must-play for you trust me.


The game has different stages and aside from winning to get to the next stage of the game, these stages also offer the player certain lessons to learn from difficulties and challenges in each stage.

You can also install it on your PC ”CLICK HERE”

4. Jackbox Games

This must most definitely be the game of the lockdown and a ton of players continue to surge in on a daily and a lot of persons have also known that this trivia game ”You don’t know Jack” can be played on your PC and with friends.

Want to know how to play these free games with friends?

Click Here to see a video that was posted recently by the company.

Host Cookie Masterson walks you through the routine, while the occasional celebrity may pop up to lend a hand.

Wanna play this game? DOWNLOAD HERE

5. Minecraft

This game has one of the biggest gaming communities in the world; It’s a building game where you have even up to eight(8) players connect from different computers to build something creative in ”creative mode” or they could join to see how long they can survive in “survival mode”.

Minecraft building mechanics tend to turn these gamers into building constructions engineers and the good thing is all ages can play Minecraft.

Where can I download the Minecraft Free GamesFrom?

Cross-platform play is available on Xbox One, Playstation 4, Nintendo Switch, iOS, Android, and Windows 10. Cross-play requires a Microsoft account.

Xbox Live Gold is required for online multiplayer on Xbox One. PlayStation Plus Membership required for online multiplayer on Playstation 4. Nintendo Switch Online membership required for online multiplayer on Nintendo Switch

To play this game you can DOWNLOAD HERE

Final Note:

Taking a close look at the games we have listed, you would realize that every game we listed here is mostly good games that every student could benefit from.

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