The 9 Best Portfolio Analysis Tools For 2021

Best Portfolio Analysis Tools

The 9 Best Portfolio Analysis Tools For 2021 – Want to start a career in finance?; here are some of the best portfolio analysis tools

A portfolio analyzer is a platform through which investors can measure profits from various investments based on different perspectives. Different portfolio analyzers use different models to give results to users and here we are listing the 9 best portfolio analyzers you use.

One trait of a profitable investor is ensuring their portfolio has correct diversification. However, how can traders analyze their portfolios to make sure they’re on monitor to satisfy their objectives?

One of the best portfolio evaluation instruments can monitor your funding efficiency. They’ll additionally suggest methods to enhance your funding technique. Whether, or not you may have a number of funding accounts or a single portfolio, these portfolio evaluation platforms may help you keep on monitor. You can select to solely use free investing apps to realize your momentary objectives. Nonetheless, portfolio to handle your investments.

List of 9 Best Portfolio Analyzer with Features and Benefit 2021.

  1. Personal capital
  2. Morning star
  3. Portfolio visualizer
  4. Sigfig
  5. Quicken premier
  6. Mint
  7. Investment account manager
  8. Master investor 6
  9. Yahoo! Finance


Best Portfolio Analyzer with Features and Benefit 2021


1. Personal Capital.

Personal capital is a great tool to give use to get a broader perspective about your financial situation. It has varied software technologies that guide you through your investments.


  • Cash flow inspection for both credit and debit transactions.
  • Charts out a suitable retirement plan for you.
  • Reviews and analyzes your assets.
  • Appropriate allocation of assets through software.


  • It shows you a balanced perspective of both risk and returns.
  • Both the website and app for personal capital are simple to navigate.
  • It is completely free to use.


2. Morning Star.

Morning star provides great assistance and customizes portfolios according to your data and interests.


  • Provides a choice between free and premium membership.
  • It alerts you about all the price changes in the market.
  • Performs regular risk management strategies.
  • Utilizes visual aids for data representation.


  • You do not have to manually input your data, your investment will be updated automatically.
  • Provides you with guided assistance to improve your asset allocation.
  • Application of filter-based stock screeners.
  • Has an efficient tracking software for price changes.


3. Portfolio Visualizer.

Is a helpful tool that is more suited for investors who already have experience and want to expand their portfolio


  • Helpful for those looking at foreign investments.
  • Provides technical advice by experts.
  • Offers more than seven strategies for you to optimize your finances.
  • Offers a regular check-up on your investments.


  • Gives you a choice to pick tools according to your investing experience.
  • You also test your previous portfolio to understand where you were lacking.
  • Provides various simulations that you can test.
  • You can review all your budget allocation and opt for changing them too.


4. SigFig

SigFig is a free portfolio analyzer that also offers guided assistance for investment


  • Provides you with the means to find out discrepancies in your portfolio.
  • Help you diversify your investments from property investments to gold etc.
  • The Robo-advisor provides the accurate investment management.
  • It offers different strategies that lead you through tax deductions.


  • The SigFig mobile app makes portfolio access easy.
  • You can adjust your profile according to risk tolerance factors.
  • It provides insulation from risk.
  • Keeps a regular track of your spending levels.


5. Quicken Premier

Quicken provides members to choose from the Starter, Premier, Deluxe and Home and Business options based on their investment requirements.


  • You can track your trade option.
  • Investment options are based on careful analysis of risks and returns.
  • It has various versions that can be used according to your level of expertise.
  • You can sync your account with stock you have invested in


  • They have a retirement planning tool that curates a plan according to your data.
  • Extremely customizable report feature.
  • It molds your portfolio according to market changes.
  • Its X-ray tool is beneficial for the diversifications of your portfolio.


6. Mint

Mint is an online portfolio analysis tool that connects you to financial institutions all over the United States


  • Care to make investing easier for beginners.
  • Provides you with recommendations based on the data you enter.
  • If you are a new investor then you can use mint to navigate through the intricacies of financial institutions.
  • It alerts you about potential damaging investments.


  • No fee is required to access this tracker, it is completely free to use
  • The Mint mobile app allows you to easily access your portfolio on the go
  • You also get an additional credit score for free
  • You do not need to manually update your transactions


7. Investment Account Manager

Investment Account Manager only helps you with investments and other financial facilities


  • It has two versions, one for individual use and another for professional use.
  • Ratio analysis tool for the stock market.
  • Comparisons of financial benchmarks.


  • It keeps a lookout for varied financial assets.
  • It provides a complete and in-depth analysis of your transactions.
  • There is no limit for the amount of portfolio you can track
  • You get a free trial for three months


8. Master investor 6

With Master Investor 6 you can manage all your investments easily and also keep track of your assets


  • Provides a variety of technical indicators.
  • Offers latest trend analysis synopsis.
  • Investment returns are calculated automatically.
  • Allocated assets according to your preference.


  • Detailed reports of asset allocation.
  • It calculates your net worth automatically.
  • Individual investors can avail the facility of a personal portfolio manager.
  • You can customize your reports depending on your interests.


9. Yahoo Finance

This tracking tool is easy to use and offers a list of options to optimize your portfolio


  • Available for both Android and iOS users.
  • The sophisticated investment analysis tool helps you to make profitable deals.
  • It updates you on the latest developments of the stock market.


  • Great tool for beginners.
  • You do not have to go through the tedious process of manual updating of data and can import it instead.
  • It provides easy and quick investment checkups.
  • The Yahoo finance tool is completely free to use.


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