5 Cheapest Places to Live in Canada For Students 2021

Cheapest Places to Live in Canada For Students 2021 Updated List – Here are the most affordable and cheapest place to live in Canada for students and we have taken it upon ourselves to give you a comprehensive list.

The fact is that most times, the most regarding/reputable schools might not have the most favorable location for students in terms of acquiring accommodation, off-campus.

Fortunately, many cities in Canada are not only affordable but are also home to some really great schools. If you’re looking to save money while you study, you may want to consider living in one of the five cities listed below!

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How Much On Average Would I Spend On Accommodation?

What we want to do here is give you an insight as to the cheapest places where you can stay in Canada and from an insider’s perspective, we have made a shortlist of where you could start from.

On average you would spend on accommodation, starting from $500 – $700 on average per month.

Cheapest Places to Live in Canada For Students

Finding the Cheapest Places to Live in Canada for students is not as difficult as it may seem. In fact, several very inexpensive locations within Canada are sure to provide every international student with the chance to live and study in Canada. These cheap cities in Canada for international students are some of the best places to live in Canada.

Cheapest places to live in Canada for students







#1. The first place that should be on the minds of international students looking to study in Canada is Vancouver.

With the amazing Pacific Ocean views and the multitude of cultural events that take place here throughout the year, Vancouver can be a wonderful place to live for international students.

#2. The second place that should be on the international student’s list is Montreal.

Like Vancouver, Montreal has beautiful views and numerous cultural events that take place in this city throughout the year.

#3. Another great location for international students in University Park, which is located in Ottawa.

This university offers both Canadian and international students great programs and a great community.

Things to Consider When Looking for Cheapest Places to Live in Canada

If you are an international student, chances are you will need transportation to get around when you arrive in Canada. Fortunately, many cheap cities in Canada allow international students to use public transportation at a very low cost.

Student buses, commuter trains, and taxis are all very cheap to use in Toronto, Hamilton, and Ottawa. Even though these three cities do not have one-hour bus tours, taking the train between these cities to get from one place to another should still be done.

While living and studying in these cheap cities in Canada is a positive thing, it is also important that international students respect the laws and cultures of the country they are going to. It is absolutely critical that international students follow the laws and respect the rights of Canadian citizens while they are in Canada. Many international students become so excited about the opportunity to live and study in Canada that they do not bother to respect the laws and treat other Canadians with respect.

There is no reason why international students cannot find a good place to stay once they have come to Canada. One place that students love to stay in Ottawa, Ontario. The capital of Canada’s federal government is a great place to stay and a wonderful place to see. There are over 500th place places to live in Ottawa and this city will surely make your stay worthwhile.

Some Other Very Affordable Places to Stay in Canada Includes;

#4. Sudbury, on the other hand, is a great place for international students to stay.

Sudbury is a beautiful city and home to over two hundred and fifty thousand people. The city of Sudbury has everything that students need to live a quality life including cheap hotels. Sudbury is also home to some beautiful parks and has some fantastic shopping.

#5. Guelph is another city that is a top choice for international students.

It is one of the most popular towns in Ontario and is home to over four hundred thousand people. This is a large city that has access to many different types of services for its residents and visitors.

This includes access to hospitals, schools, universities, places for cultural events, and many other cultural attractions. It is the perfect city for international students because it can provide them with cheap accommodation while they study in Canada.

Affordable Places to Live in Canada and Study 2021

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Final Note:

Whether students need to find cheap accommodation in Ottawa or somewhere else, they should find whatever it is that they need online. This will give them the ability to compare and contrast places so that they can find the best deal possible.

They can then use the information that they get to book accommodation for their travels and study in Canada. They can also use the internet to find what it is they need to make their lives as comfortable as possible while they are studying in Canada.

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