9 Colleges That Do Not Require SAT Or ACT In The US | Complete Overview

9 Colleges That Do Not Require SAT Or ACT In The US – In this article, we have been able to come up with 9  colleges that do not require Standardization Test(SAT) or American College Test(ACT).

When it comes to college admissions, most people believe that all colleges and universities in the United States require a standardized Admission Test known as the SAT or ACT.

In recent years, as more students than ever before have taken the test, there have been calls from colleges and universities nationwide for more detailed information regarding the SAT and ACT and their effects on college admissions.

In this article, we will provide you with a FAQ About College which provides some basic and common information about what are ACT, SAT, and United States universities that do not require a standardized application or standardized testing.

We hope that this information will be helpful in your quest to find the college that is the right match for you!

Before we go ahead into looking at the numerous colleges that don’t require SAT or ACT, let’s know what these terms mean first;

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What is the SAT?

The SAT is a scoring program administered by the National Educational Association and is the testing body for colleges that don’t require a standardized application. To participate in the SAT, you must have taken and passed the SAT Exams.

There are two versions of the SAT; the verbal portion is known as the SAT I, and the math portion is called the SAT II. Each exam is scored separately and then combined to create a composite score, which is what is used to determine whether an applicant is eligible for admission to the college.

What is the ACT?

The ACT also has a different application process than does the SAT. To apply to the ACT, you must apply online through a site that is authorized by the ACT.

You can find out more about applying to the ACT by visiting their website. This is important because it means that you can choose which colleges you want to apply to as well as what colleges they prefer to accept.

Now that we know what these terms are, let’s dive into the subject of the day;

Why We Don’t Accept SAT/ACT Test Scores

What Are The Colleges That Do Not Require SAT Or ACT In The US?

9. Pitzer College

Pitzer, a small liberal arts college located just outside of Los Angeles, became a test-option college in 2003. Despite its alternative approach to admissions, Pitzer is considered both highly ranked and highly selective.

Although Pitzer’s admissions office will still accept test scores for those who choose to send them, they instead focus on prospective students’ transcripts, extracurriculars, and overall reflection of Pitzer’s core values.


8. New York University

NYU is one of the more relatively rigid schools, but it has a considerably more flexible standardized testing policy than other research universities of its size and caliber.

The internationally regarded institution in the heart of Manhattan does evaluate test scores but allows prospective students to substitute SAT/ACT scores for others like AP or IB results, or an IB diploma.


7. Hampshire College

Nestled just outside the gorgeous Berkshires of Western Massachusetts, Hampshire College is currently the only school in the US that has adopted a test-blind policy.

This means that the school doesn’t require students to send test scores and it also rejects any scores that are sent in.

According to the school’s website, “even if it’s a perfect score, it will not weigh into our assessment of the applicant.”

The small liberal arts school instead prioritizes consistency in an applicant’s transcripts and extracurriculars, and heavily weighs personal essays as well.


6. Cornell College

Cornell College in Mount Vernon, Iowa has recently adopted a test-optional policy, allowing applicants to send in a portfolio instead as part of a pilot program.

Rather than scores, students can fill their portfolios with creative work like photography or creative writing to best demonstrate their skills outside of a score. Because Cornell is giving this process a trial run, the school could resume test result requirements at any time.


5. University of the People

University of the People is an accredited online university that is dedicated to providing access to higher education for all those around the world who want it.

To that end, not only does UoPeople not require students to submit SAT or ACT scores, but all of its courses are completely tuition-free.

Its degree programs range from bachelor’s degrees to master’s degrees. Its online setup means students can pursue a degree at a time and place that works best for their unique situation.


4. George Washington University

Situated in the nation’s capital, George Washington University is one of few private research universities that extends a test-optional policy to applicants.

Known for strong academics, a roster of nationally competitive Division I sports teams, and convenient access to DC internships, GW hosts a student body of over 26,000.

Its test-optional policy has been in place since 2015, with an emphasis on evaluating how students perform in class over their performance on one four-hour test.


3. Montana State University

Montana State’s proximity to Yellowstone National Park is an outdoorsy student’s dream, made all the more appealing by its extremely flexible admissions policy.

While standardized test scores are optional, the school minimally requires that prospective students rank in the upper half of their graduating class or maintain a high school GPA of 2.5.


2. Colorado College

Colorado College’s test-optional policy isn’t the unique aspect of its approach to academics. The Colorado Springs-based school of just over 2,000 undergrads follows what it calls a “block plan,” meaning students take one class only for three and a half weeks before moving onto the next one.


1. Ithaca College

Since Ithaca College’s 1892 origins as a small conservatory, the liberal arts college has grown to an undergrad student population of 6,200 who study across five schools and over 120 majors.

The Western New York school lets students choose whether to send standardized test scores for admission consideration rather than requiring them.


FAQs About Applying To Colleges That Don’t Require Sat Or Act

How do I get a transcript of my application?

You must send an SAT application. There are three versions of the SAT; the regular, essay, and the composite. All of these require separate applications.

If you don’t submit the appropriate application, it is unlikely that you will receive a transcript. To receive a transcript, you will need to submit either the regular or composite SAT.

 Do I need a certain GPA on my transcript?

Answer: No, you do not. There is no requirement that you submit proof of a specific GPA. Every college will take a look at your GPA on its own before accepting your transcript.

If your GPA is above a certain amount, however, you should still apply to the colleges that don’t require sat or act.

What if I am out of high school?

It may seem like a challenge, but you can actually take the SAT if you are in high school. Most colleges accept transcripts from high schools.

All that you will need to do is provide proof of your high school enrollment. To get into a college that doesn’t require sat or act, you will need to attend an approved high school for at least one year.

 Is there a deadline?

A college’s admission process varies depending on the college and year of attendance. For example, it may be easier to apply to colleges that don’t require sat or act during the spring than it would be to apply to colleges that don’t require it during the fall.

Different colleges also have their own enrollment deadlines for applications. To apply to the right college, you will need to know when the application deadline will be for each semester.

How do I apply to colleges that don’t require sat or act?

The online application process is the fastest way to apply to colleges that don’t require acting or sat. In most cases, you will be able to complete the entire application in a matter of minutes.

You will not have to write an essay and you won’t be required to submit any other documents. Just make sure that you have all the dates available so that you can complete the process as early as possible.

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