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elementary schools in canada

Elementary Schools in CanadaDo you intend to relocate to Canada with your family? Are you seeking the best elementary schools in Canada to enroll your children?

Elementary or primary schools in Canada will provide your children world-class learning environment and this is achieved with the number of top qualified teachers in Canada’s educational system.


The Structures of education in Canada

There are Four sets of educational programs in Canada, pre-elementary, elementary, secondary, and post-secondary. It is important we build on this foundation even though our main discussion in this article is the elementary schools.


Pre-Elementary Programs

The pre-elementary programs are available in all jurisdictions in Canada. The length differs anyway. This program is often called kindergarten, is offered to a child of up to 4 to 5-year-olds.  Pre-elementary programs are usually not compulsory, parents can decide to skip sending their children to pre-elementary until their children are old enough to enter Grade 1.


Elementary and Secondary Programs

Canada has made public education free to all Canadian citizens and even extended it to permanent residents as well. Around 6 or 7 years of age, schooling becomes compulsory.  Talking about age, the minimum age at which youth may terminate their school attendance also varies.

The age is 16 In most jurisdictions.  Recently, much attention has been given to increasing the age at which youth can leave school, the reason being that for young adults to have the necessary skills to compete in the labor market, they will require the basic skills of education that is provided up to the age of eighteen.


The Quebec System

Other than the rest of the country, Quebec has a different structural arrangement of its elementary and secondary programs.

One of the differences is that pre-elementary to the end of secondary school spans twelve years instead of thirteen. When it comes to grading, the Quebec system has cycles. Let me break down the cycles for you, now the first six years of education in elementary education and are divided into three cycles.

In Canada, the cycle system is different from the grading system used in the desired learning outcomes, there are focused on the completion of a cycle rather than a grade.

In Canada, children attend elementary or primary school for the first of school, except Quebec, which has only six grades. Kindergarten is what schools start with from the ages of 4 four or five, with children moving onto high school after completing elementary or primary school.


Quality teachers, high-quality education

In times of quality education, Canada ranks third among the world’s wealthiest countries. Delivering excellent learning programs at the elementary and secondary school levels in studying maths and science in Canada’s highest strength.

Its primary level students are high achievers and that’s because of high-quality teachers who are very passionate about their work. These quality teachers create interactive, supportive learning environments for children.

Only qualified teaches can bring about such a level of impact in a child’s learning process and Canadian teachers have a bachelor’s degree and practical teacher training before entering the profession.


Attending Elementary Schools in Canada

School usually begins in September and ends in June although, every province can decide when schools should resume. The school hours being from 8am to 3pm, or from 9am  to 4pm, from Monday to Friday. In Canadian public schools, education is free for all students. Depending on the province, children must attend school until age 16 or 18.


Public Elementary Schools

International students are accepted in most Canadian public schools programs. Public primary schools are managed at the local level by elected school boards. These boards deliver a standard curriculum of study. The public comprises both male and female students in the same classes.

Private Elementary Schools

Private elementary schools in Canada charge fees with the same curriculum as public schools. This uniformity will ensure that students complete the same course of study as students in the public school system.

Private schools delivering programs may differ from that of the public school system. The class sizes are often smaller in private, and this enables students to benefit more from specialized programming. Private schools are allowed to have religious programs, as well as standard school subjects. Private schools can either be for boys only or girls only or for both genders.

Boarding schools are mostly associated with Private schools such as Montessori/Waldorf schools, International Baccalaureate schools, and Arrowsmith schools for students with learning disabilities.


Elementary Schools Educational Requirements

Below are the criteria to enroll for an elementary school in Canada;

Grades that correspond to grade levels in Canada

Fluency in English or French

Report cards from their home country would be required

How to Enroll in Elementary Schools

You can reach out to a local school board if you want to enroll your child in a public elementary school. These schools assess new students, to ensure that the student begins classes in the correct grade. Free English or French language classes might be offered before your child begins academic classes.


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