Harvard College Vs Harvard University

harvard college vs harvard university

Harvard College Vs Harvard University – Here is a brief write-up on Harvard College Vs Harvard University.

In this article or comparison, we will be looking at the major distinctions between Harvard University and Harvard college;

  • Improve your profile for College and University applications
  • Some tips for applying to Harvard College

About Harvard University

The oldest higher educational institution in the United States is Harvard.  Harvard is very famous as am sure you must have heard about that name before now in academics.  As a member of the reputed Ivy League, Harvard is shared by both Harvard College and Harvard University. They’re two similar institutions but different.


Harvard College Vs Harvard University

Simply put that Harvard College is only a part of Harvard University. The University includes professional schools that operate their own admissions offices, teaching facilities. They operate independently from Harvard College.

Now the main or primary difference between Harvard College and Harvard University is that Harvard College enrolls undergraduates. Harvard College awards bachelor of Arts & Bachelor of Science degree programs.

At Harvard University, matriculated students already hold a degree and are pursuing advanced training in a master’s or doctoral program.  You can say that Harvard College handles Undergraduate studies while Harvard University handles post-graduate studies.



Harvard College

Being the home of many undergraduate programs,  Harvard College is the largest of Harvard University’s schools. No wonder it is the most sort after by high school students.

Let me bring to your notice that securing admission to Harvard College is very difficult. Even With an acceptance rate of 3.4%, Harvard College has an undergraduate population of nine thousand, nine hundred students from different backgrounds.

Although, Harvard College offers both the bachelor of arts and bachelor of science degrees, the Bachelor of Art degrees are the dominant degree. From November 2019 and May 2020, the college awarded one thousand, four hundred and ninety-three Bachelor of Arts degrees to just 49fourty nine Bachelor of Science degrees.

There are more than three thousand, seven hundred courses in fifty undergraduate fields of study at Harvard College. They called it concentrations and they’re divided into four main areas of interest namely:

  • Arts and Humanities
  • Engineering and Applied Sciences
  • Social sciences


Harvard University

Harvard University entrails  Eleven graduate and professional schools:

  • Harvard Graduate School of Arts and Sciences
  • Harvard Business School
  • Harvard Divinity School
  • Harvard Law School
  • Harvard Kennedy School
  • Harvard Graduate School of Design
  • Harvard Graduate School of Education
  • Harvard Medical School
  • Harvard School of Dental Medicine
  • Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health

Currently, over thirteen thousand students are studying advanced degrees at Harvard University with the graduate School of Arts and Sciences being the largest of Harvard University’s school.


Needed Tips for Applying to Harvard College

Anyone who secures admissions to Harvard has gained an important achievement, be it at the College or University. But then That said, it is actually easier to gain admission into a Harvard University than to get accepted into Harvard College. Let’s take a look at some of the tips you need to take note of.


1. Enroll for demanding course load

Your high-grade point average is also known as GPA and your amazing test results will not be enough to impress those in charge of offering admissions (officers) at top schools like Harvard.

A demanding course load can go a long way to giving you an opportunity. Harvard is interested in students who show that they’re able to hand a demanding academic schedule. They’re also interested in students who push themselves by taking strenuous classes.

2. Good Test Scores

Good test results can avail you of the very opportunity you seek. Of am not mistaken, most students that get into Harvard have exceptional test scores.


3. Impressive Extracurricular Profile

Another cutting edge you will have over other candidates is your extracurricular activities.  Extry curriculum activities are endeavors you undertake outside the four wall corners of the classroom.

For instance, an award like the Jack Kent Cooke Young Artist Award is much more favorable than playing musical instruments in your high school’s music band.

One important thing to note about extracurricular activities is quality and not quantity. Choose extracurricular activities in fields you’re passionate about.


 4. Write Engaging Essays

With interesting Extracurricular activities, the admission officers can easily point to the things that interest you but captivating essays give you the privilege to talk about those interests and passions, not forgetting your goals. You should state an idea of what your personality looks like. You have to convince them why you deserve to be on the campus of Harvard.

In writing your captivating essay, avoid cliché topics. Don’t forget you’re still trying to convince them that you can step on campus and so very well.  Go through your essays properly after writing to avoid unnecessary punctuation marks as well as grammatical errors.

You will be given an option to submit a supplemental essay. Not required though, but it’s advisable that you submit a supplemental essay because it helps you to demonstrate why you belong at Harvard. It also helps you to State aspects of your life that aren’t represented in other parts of the application.


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