2021 Ultimate Guide To Making Friends In College

making friends in college

2021 Ultimate Guide To Making Friends In College – Are you a freshman? worried about how to make friends in college and know new people? Worry less because we’ve got the best tips for you.

Wanting friends and seeking kinship is an inherent trait of us humans. We all try to find companionship in every stage of our lives, but some people seem better at it than others. Chances are, you are one of the latter. Then the question arises, “How to make friends”? I’m here to let you know that making friends is far easier than you would think.

If you keep an open mind, try to find common grounds, and occasionally help the people around you then you will be flooded with friends in no time. It sounds simple enough, but there’s always an optimal way and not-so-optimal way of doing things.

I hope after reading the article you will have an insight about what to do and what not to do while trying to make friends, and how this whole dynamic works.

Making Friends

When you hear parents, family members talk about their college experiences, they include details of what they studied, what clubs and activities they were involved in, possibly positions they held, but they really focus on are those fun and exciting memories they created with friends.

Many alumni say that the people you met in college will be your friends for a lifetime. You may live together in the future, or work together, and some will even be at your wedding party. We will know that when you go off to college, you’ll be looking to make friends have these present and future experiences with.
When you become a senior in high school, you may have a solid friend group that you’ve been friends with since you were in kindergarten, or maybe even preschool. Because of this, you might feel overwhelmed or even anxious about putting yourself out there to meet new people.

You’re used to your high school friend group, and you might all be going to different colleges. but the good news is, you can and will make new friends! Remember that all freshmen are on the same boat. You’re all excited, anxious, nervous, but most of all you just want to make friends.

Here’s our best advice and tips on how to attract people and start conversations:

  • Attend all orientation events.
  • Get to know your classmates.
  • Join clubs and students’ organizations.
  • Get to know the people who live on your floor.
  • Have a campus job.
  • Invite people to your room.
  • Look around campus.

How to Make Friends in College

#Attend All Orientation Events.

During the first week, after your arrival on campus, you will mostly participate in orientation events. You’ll usually be placed in a group based on your living arrangements or your first-year seminar.

You will also usually have a mentor who makes sure your group arrives at events on time. You should also attend just to get a better sense of campus, absorb information about student resources, and who to talk to, should you have a future problem.


#Get to Know Your Classmates.

Don’t miss out on introducing yourself to your classmates, create a study group or make an effort to start class discussions.

Many students don’t take advantage of what is right in front of them, your classmates, make an effort to introduce yourself to other students on the first day, and try to get at least one phone number from another student in your class.


#Join Clubs and Students Organization.

During the first month of school, your student activities board will usually host an involvement expo. This is essentially a fair where all of the clubs and other campus organizations come together to gain the interest of new members. This can be everything from your hiking and yoga clubs to student government and Greek life if your school has it.


#Get to Know the People Who Live on Your Floor.

Behind joining clubs, the other best way to make friends is to get to know the people who live on your floor. These are the people that you’re not in class, then you’re most likely in your dorm room.

Most freshman dorms usually adopt an open-door policy during the first few weeks of school. if your door is open, anyone and everyone can enter at any given time. Now, the choice is yours is whether you want to be the person with the open door, or the person going into everyone’s room.

# Have a Campus Job.

Another great way of meeting students is through holding a campus job. Many jobs are the center of life on campus, you could work at the dining hall, the campus barista, at the library, ta the finance or business office. All these locations see heavy foot traffic and you’ll be helping your other students either by making their latte or checking out a book.


#Invite People to Your Room.

Encourage your hallmates to have an open-door policy and make your room a cool hangout spot. As we earlier said, make your room a cool hangout spot with a great statement décor piece, extra seating like a futon or butterfly chair, or just by having your door open. But if this doesn’t work out for you, consider directly inviting someone to your room.


#Look Around Campus.

Last but not least, look around campuses. If you have some time between classes and see a person you know at a table with a bunch of other students, go up to your friend to say hello, then turn to your group and introduce yourself. if you get involved on campus quickly after you arrive, make an effort to get to know your classmates and hallmates, and try an open-door policy, you will be making friends quickly. Our best advice is to be yourself and see who you naturally gravitate towards.


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