5 Great Free Online Courses For Business Executive Assistants

5 Great Free Online Courses For Business Executives Assistants – Here are some great free online courses that every intending Business Executive Assistant can opt for.

The name executive assistant may sound very easy when you pronounce it but trust me when I say that, becoming and being a business assistant comes with a lot of responsibilities and duties.

The responsibilities of a Business Assistant range from project management and supervision, holding and organization of projects of the organization, and communication. The position of a business executive assistant comes with you having versatility in several areas.

We have listed a few courses you can undergo if you are aspiring for a post of business assistant or you just want to improve on your skillset.

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Without much ado, let’s dive into the list of courses business assistants can offer to improve or aspiring folks can also do to learn.

5 Great Free Online Courses For Business Executives Assistants

1. Introduction to Project Management:

Project management is a professional course that has to do with a range of activities, ranging from organization and supervision of different projects.

As a business executive or aspiring business executive, project management is one course you must undergo because project management is one of the basic functions of a business assistant.

If you truly want to reach your full potential as a business executive assistant, you must make sure to acquire a course in project management.

2. Office Administration Online Course For Business Assistant


This course is a must for every business assistant who wants to step up their game as a business executive assistant.

Office administration has to do with the general running of the business environment or office.

This course will teach you or help you improve your communication skills, how to improve your non-verbal relation, inter-staff relationship and also improve in your writing skills.

This course will show your employer that you are up for the job and that you can handle more tasks and this will most likely help you move up in the organization.

3.  Business Foundation Organization

This has to with the basics and dynamics of business organization and although this has little to do with business assistant it is very vital on your journey as a business assistant.

This course is very essential to better help you understand basic office languages and communication as a business executive assistant.


This particular course is very vital and we recommend that every business assistant go through the course;

This course will expose business assistants to better understand the language of the business hemisphere.

4. Executive Assistant Skills

A business executive assistant skill is very important and forms an intricate part of the business assistant job, to better understand what is expected of you as a business assistant daily.

This course will better help you understand the workspace and this includes; time management skills, administration skills, organizational skills, and confidentiality drift.

And as a business assistant, going through this course will better help you learn how to efficiently distribute your time in the office.

5. Administrative Professional Tips

This business assistant skillset is also a must to help better understand the role of the administrative professional. It will discuss the pros and cons of the administrative professional, its challenges, and also the bright side of it.

After you have undergone this course it will give you a better grasp of the workspace, managing office politics, and also effectively and efficiently manage major projects.

Let’s look at some frequently asked questions about free online courses for business assistants;

Frequently Asked Questions About Free Online Courses for Business Assistants:


We under that all this information coming at you at once can be a bit overwhelming and you’ve probably done a lot of research on this and discovered a lot of information on the internet and you are trying to process all of it.

Below are some clarifications to some of the common frequently asked questions about free online business assistant questions;

a. Are Online Business Executive Assistant Courses Really Worth It?

First of all, if you think of it, anything that adds knowledge to your already existing knowledge is meant to improve you and make you better. It will make you more efficient in the workspace and so it is definitely worth it.

They are tons of really good online learning websites out there and it is true that most of them you will have to pay a token to benefit from their knowledge but be rest assured that it is definitely worth it in the end.

b. Who Should Take the Online Business Assistant Course?

This course can be taken on the job and even if you haven’t started working as an assistant yet, you can still take this course to give you a head start and an edge.

Final Note:

We do business in our day-to-day life, ranging from time management, organization, and also the management of tasks. This course will give you a better understanding of the organization you work for and also help you function effectively and efficiently in the company.

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