Successful Scholarship Motivation Letter

scholarship motivation letter

Successful Scholarship Motivation Letter – A scholarship motivation letter is an important part of your scholarship application and we have some very important tips for you.

Many of our subscribers have been asking about the tips for writing a successful scholarship motivation letter and here you have it.

We assure you that after this article, you won’t be asking yourself questions like;

  • How do you write a motivational letter for a bursary undergraduate?
  • Also, how do you write a good motivation letter?
  • How do I write a motivational letter for a scholarship?
  • And lastly, how do you write a good motivation letter for university?

Writing a Killer Scholarship Motivation Letter

The motivation letter introduces the applicant to the scholarship panel and tells them the benefits of granting the scholarship to this applicant. It motivates the reviewing authorities to believe in the way the applicant can brighten their institute’s name.

What is a Scholarship Motivation Letter?

A motivation letter is actually a letter sent along with a scholarship applicant, by the applicants of a program to the selection panel. It is a letter in which the candidate describes why the future goals and plans of the candidate and persuades the panel to consider this proposal by reasoning and that too in a professional way.

By Who and to Whom is the Motivation Letter Written

Generally, the letter of motivation by the scholarship applicants to be sent to the admission or scholarship reviewer committee. Motivation letters are required along with scholarship applications by the interested candidates of post-graduate programs.

However, nowadays as the competition in the educational field is getting thicker, the motivational letter has become a mandatory requirement by most of the universities offering undergraduate scholarships.

The process of a motivation letter is very much fair, as the future intentions and planning of the candidates must be kept in mind while granting a scholarship so that only the deserving person gets it.


Significance of a Scholarship Motivation Letter.

An effective and eye-catching motivation letter has a lot of significance if it successfully grasps the interest of the reader.

While writing a scholarship application, you were taught that it puts the first impression on the reviewing panel through your past academic results and awards.

A motivation letter puts a second and most impactful impression on the panel. It depicts your future plans to make a change better than anyone else can. It displays your potential objectives, and a summary of the plan of execution to motivate the reviewing authorities to select you.


Video on Scholarship Motivation Letter


Generally, a candidate will be asked to write a letter of motivation in any of the following four cases:

  1. While applying for a scholarship or admission opportunity.
  2. While taking a step forward to start an internship
  3. Showing interest in a non-profit organization as a volunteer.
  4. While convincing the board for a research funding grant.


Outline of Motivation Letter.

  • Personal & contact details in the header section
  • Tittle of motivation letter
  • Introductory paragraphs
  • The story behind your achievements
  • Provide data of acquired skillset
  • A paragraph for showing interest in a scholarship, admission, or another opportunity
  • Prose summary of relevant objectives
  • Provide a plan execution
  • Provide reasoning why are you a potential candidate
  • Conclude the motivation letter


Final Note

The motivation letter is not an ordinary letter that you write to your family and friends. Nonetheless, in an era, there are no such things as letters, as they have become a thing of the past. The selection of grammar, writing style matters in the motivation letter. It is like an official letter and your scholarship fully depends upon it.


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