Top Electrical Engineering Bachelor Degrees in Poland

engineering bachelor degree in poland

Top Electrical Engineering Bachelor Degrees in Poland – See top Engineering colleges in Poland where you can get most sort after  Engineering Bachelor Degree in Poland.

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About Poland Colleges

Let me begin by saying that if you’ve decided to further your technical education abroad then you might want to look towards Poland. In fact, Poland has even the preferred destination for students, especially Indian students. Poland has one of the best infrastructural developments and its Engineering program comes with world-class facilities and quality instructions.

Another cutting edge Poland Engineering universities have over others is that it is affiliated with a number of technical institutes around the world. Studying your engineering degree program in Poland gives you the level of positive exposure you seek.

There is also an opportunity for you to be retained after graduation here in Poland. That’s one advantage you get choosing to do your engineering degree in Poland.  One of the top Universities in Poland that was ranked best institute around the world is the Warsaw Institute of Technology


Why Study Engineering in Poland?

I think the following reasons are enough to make you choose Poland as your preferred destination to studying Electrical engineering bachelor’s degree;

  • Prestigious Colleges or Universities; if you seeking such type of higher institution, Poland is the country. The college or universities offers world-class technical education to international students:
  • It has one of the best if not the best academic institutions that provide international standards in the field of Engineering.
  • Cheap rates; Study Engineering in Poland is quite cheaper than other technical universities in Europe.
  • Poland has a safe and peaceful atmosphere for Indian students.
  • There are no donations required.
  • For Indians, Poland offers a vibrant culture for Indian students.
  • Scholarship; Most Polish universities offer scholarships to Non-EU students.
  • Infrastructure; talking about basic Infrastructure, Polish universities have modern and advanced ones

Let me give you a breakdown of the fee structure and other expenses to expect Schooling in Poland:

        Name of Universities.                                        Annual Tuition Fees

  1. Warsaw University of Technology                    INR 2.11 lakhs
  2. Wroclaw University of Technology                   INR 2.48 lakhs
  3. AGH University of Science & Technology       INR 1.06 lakhs
  4. Poznan University of Technology                     INR 1.09 lakhs
  5. Lodz University of Technology                          INR 1.46 lakhs
  6. Gdansk University of Technology                     INR 1.65 lakhs
  7. Cracow University of Technology                     INR 2.48 lakhs


These are the courses offered in the field of Engineering by most Polish Universities:

List of the Best Engineering Bachelor Degree in Poland


1. Aerospace Engineering

This has to do with the development of aircraft and spacecraft. It has similarities like the rocket sciences etc There are sub-courses included in this field of engineering they are heat transfer, fluid mechanics, material science, thermodynamics, etc.


2. Agricultural Engineering

Engineers in this field are responsible for planning irrigation, drainage, flood water control system, performing environmental aspects, and effluent systems.


3. Automation and Robotics

The Automation and Robotics field of engineering is the fastest developing field across the globe. This is because the field has a mixture of different areas of engineering. The major activities of the engineer in this field is to design, develop and maintain complicated machines.


4. Biomedical Engineering

This is one of the popular Fields in Engineering. Biomedical Engineering is the field of engineering that has the field of medical science and engineering. Biomedical engineering has to do with medical and biological sciences for advanced health care treatment including diagnosis and therapy.


5. Environmental Engineering

The Environmental Engineering field involves the study of soil science, chemistry, and biology for the improvement of waste disposal, public health, water, and air pollution control.


6. Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering is yet another famous engineering Field a lot of people are familiar with. It has to do with designs, maintenance, and construction of artificial and naturally built environments. They engage in activities like roads, canals, bridges, dams, buildings, etc.



7. Electrical Engineering

Another field of engineering you might want to study. This field acquires the principles from electricity, electronics, electromagnetism including power systems, power electronics, electrical drives, high voltage engineering, signal processing, machine learning, biomedical imaging, etc.


8. Computer Engineering

Computer Engineering goes beyond the operation of computers as many might think. Computer Engineering brings together important aspects of electrical engineering and information technology by coding and algorithms for the software and hardware management systems.


9. Information Technology

Information Technology also called ICT, is the field of engineering that comprises computer and telecommunication systems to send and receive information in the form of data.


10. Mechanical Engineering

Another famous engineering field is mechanical engineering. This field deals with the design, construction, and development of machine parts. It includes all aspects of engineering from design, development, production, manufacturing, etc.


Eligibility for Top Engineering Bachelor Degree in Poland

The criteria required to pursue an engineering program in Poland include;

  • Required Subjects are Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, or Computer Science.
  • A higher secondary education certificate is required and must be up to a total duration of 11 years.
  • You will be required to submit a Letter of admission from the corresponding institute.


How you can apply for an Admission For Engineering Bachelor Degree in Poland?

Applying for an engineering degree in Poland is very smooth and easy. You can apply through the online portal of the official website of the university. Ensure you send your documents to the university via email after which you will wait for the document verification and review process.


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