List of Tuition-Free Universities in Europe for International Students

tuition free universities in europe

List of Tuition-Free Universities in Europe for International Students – Here are some of the best universities in Europe with a tuition-free policy. Make your choice from this list of tuition-free universities in Europe for international students.

The high rate of cost in schooling is alarming. The continuing rise in the cost of college in America, for instance, has led to a lot of American students seeking universities outside the U.S.  No doubt that Europe still remains famous as a study destination for most individuals.

Here are 10 European countries that offer free University tuition.

1. Universities in Germany

Germany is one of the few countries that offer free college tuition to all students, no wonder it has become a famous destination for most American students. Students from most countries usually enroll in higher education institutions regardless of their nationality.

Most Americans choose to study in Germany because of the programs offered in English. The average cost of living is around 850 euros per month. It is mandatory as of 2020, for international students seeking to study in Germany to make a deposit of 10,236 euros an account that they can withdraw from on a monthly basis.


2. Universities in Norway

Public institutions in Norway actually make up the majority of Norwegian universities and state owed university colleges, do not charge tuition fees. One amazing thing about this policy is that the policy applies to all students regardless of nationality.

Private institutions as expected charge tuition fees in Norway but it is relatively lower than tuition fees charged in other countries. International students in Norway pay the same rate as Norwegian students. The cost or standard of living in Norway is estimated at 1,300 USD per month which is high compared to other European countries.


3. Universities in Iceland

The cost of living in Iceland might be relatively on the high side estimated at 1,500 USD per month for an individual living in Reykjavik but its public universities do not charge tuition fees. But also, it may be difficult to find courses offered totally in English at the bachelor’s degree level.

Programs are offered in English but these tend to be masters and Ph.D. programs. You can contact the university you intend to apply to make adequate arrangements of courses you can take  If you don’t speak Icelandic.


4. Universities in Austria

Students from European Union member countries also enjoy free college tuition in Austria for at least two semesters after which you’re required to pay 363.36 euros per semester subsequently. Other international students, they’re generally required to pay 726.72 euros per semester.

There are certain fees that all students must pay anyways, fees like union membership fees and accident insurance fees. These fees are around 19.20 euros per semester. But take note that these tuition programs above are only applied to public Universities and Universities of the Arts Universities of Applied Sciences.


5. Universities in France

Higher education in France is being subsidized by the French government. So the tuition rates charged at public institutions I’m France are very low. International students enrolled in a doctoral program, are eligible to pay fees similar to those paid by French and EU students. The overall tuition fee for a doctoral degree is 380 euros per year


6. Universities in Poland

Students from EU member countries in Poland studying full-time at state Higher Education Institutions are not charged tuition fees. International students are required to pay 2,000 euros per year.

The cutting edge Poland has over other nations which have attracted a lot of international students over time is that the cost of living is relatively low, it is estimated at 350-550 euros per month which is a fraction of what you might pay in other European countries.


7. Universities in Greece

Public institutions of higher education in Greece offer free college tuition to bachelor’s degree students from EU member countries. While those non-EU students pay an average tuition fee of 1,500 euros per year. This includes the cost of textbooks.

The cost of living in Greece is also relatively low as it is estimated at 450 to 700 euros per month. Greece requires its applicants that are fluent in speaking Greece language to enroll in its universities. In other words, students who do not hold a language certificate will not be able to enroll.


8. Universities in Hungary

Hungary is becoming a famous study destination among foreign students. Hungary does not offer free college tuition, but then the fees are cheap. Hungarian tuition fees range from 600 euros to 4,000 euros per semester at the bachelor’s degree level, which depends on the program offered.


9. Universities in Slovenia

Slovenia is situated in Central Europe. This county offers free college tuition to citizens of EU member states, as well as citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Kosovo, and the Republics of Macedonia and Serbia.

Students that are not from any of the above countries are required to pay between 2,000 to 5,000 euros per year at the bachelor’s degree level. Most of the programs in English include fields of science such as physics, computer science, and mathematics.


10. Universities in the Czech Republic

One amazing thing about the Czech Republic is the non-charge tuition fee in their public institutions and these accommodate all students regardless of their nationality as long as they study in the Czech language.

Although, students can study in another language but will be required to pay fees ranging from 0 to 22,350 USD per year. This might depend on your institution and program. One of the amazing reasons to study in the Czech Republic is that the cost of living is relatively low, it ranges from 350 to 750 USD per month.


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